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1Do you have a way to provide a specific piece or commodity as per customer request?

We can provide the required piece or commodity as per the customer's request, but according to the availability in the international markets and factories

2Is it possible to ship to all countries?

Of course we have the possibility of shipping to all countries without exception (if available and the country is allowed to accept shipping. Air - Sea)

3Are there charges for air or sea shipments?

The item or the shipped for free. "If the customer has a free shipping coupon, and without that, shipping costs will be borne by the buyer according to the country.

4Mauris sit amet massa vitae tortor ?

Nulla et sodales nisl. Nam auctor quis odio eu congue. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.

5Can I get a refund after purchasing the product?

Yes, you can recover the money after purchasing the product. Before shipping the product, and in case the product was shipped, money cannot be recovered unless the product differed fundamentally.

6The product was purchased, but the item has not arrived as required and there is an essential difference

Please contact us "to retrieve the product and provide your required